Photographer / Theater and Film Director

In 2005 Jet van Schie (1981) graduated as a visual artist. Her work focuses on the fantasy world of people and how this manifests itself in their lives. She photographed, among other things, encoded miniatures on children's graves, and further explored this theme with series about animal graves and 'forgotten' graves in France, Italy and Belgium. Also alter egos and LARPs (Life Acting Role PLaying) and STARWARS figures play their role in her work. Her work has been exhibited by Galerie van Kranendonk and during the photography fair Paris Photo and in the CBK Rotterdam. Jet works since 2009 together with Casper Rila from the partnership 500WATT.

In 2015, Jet van Schie started a theater directing program at Theater Babel. Since then she creates her own performances and works also a film director on various projects for 500WATT.